The Functional Units

The Organization has different functional units.

1. Church Planting

We plant charismatic revival churches called “Blessing Today Churches”. The mother church is situated in Cochin. Churches have now been planted in Inda and in other nations. The Church adopts cell-based methodology, which brings about growth in quantity and quality. The mother church has grown to thousands in attendance on Sundays. There is a special move of the Holy Spirit and people are coming from all directions to be saved, healed and delivered. People come in their own vehicles, in service vehicles, and chartered buses from even remote areas. We have people from all spectrum of life – the rich and the poor, the illiterate and the learned and from all kinds of religious backgrounds and profession. They worship the Almighty God together in Spirit and Truth and break the bread and have a love feast together week after week.

2. Charity

This wing serves the community through Educational, Health, Rehabilitation and Employment Programmes mainly focusing on the downtrodden. The first phase of our children`s home project: `The Master Children`s Village` has successfully been completed, providing shelter to more than 75 destitute children.

3. Missions

This has been set up to train and equip missionaries to reach out the unreached millions scattered in different parts of the world. The School of Ministry functioning under this wing has already trained many batches of ministers.

4. Media

This wing aims at Audio-Visual Ministry through the media of Television and Internet. Thousands of messages of Br Damien have been distributed as DVDs etc. IT Ministry provides online counselling, sermons, prayer support, Christian matchmaking etc. Literature Ministry publishes books, tracts, handouts etc.