Twins after 22 years of marriage


This couple was childless for 22 years. Soon after their marriage she had become pregnant but she lost her baby in a matter of months. The doctors said her ovaries were not producing viable eggs and every treatment suggested was way beyond their means.

For the past few years they have been viewers of Blessing Today TV program and attended Blessing Festivals. On December 13, 2013 sister Kshama was praying and prophesied that God was giving children to childless couples. She also added that this would happen by 2015. Encouraged and with much faith this couple started praying fervently for the fulfilment of this promise in their lives. Soon she realised that she was pregnant. She was 47 and her husband was 53 years old. However the same God who blessed Abraham and Sarah, blessed this childless couple with two baby boys on August 16, 2015.