Total Freedom, Total Peace

65 year old Johnny has been drinking for 43yrs . Thirty years ago he started suffering from breathlessness, and he was soon a chronic diabetic with high cholesterol and blood pressure. He also suffered from piles. Some years back he became so sick that he was admitted in the ICU for a while. He never stopped drinking for it seemed to help manage his breathlessness! Meanwhile he got to watching Blessing Today program and in November 2012, he called the prayer call centre thrice in ten minutes, fully intoxicated. Soon after the call miraculously he lost the desire to drink alcohol. His blood sugar, cholesterol , blood pressure has come down and his piles healed! His life has turned into a miracle. His daughter was unable to get a job and he called in to the call centre for prayer. The daughter soon got a job in Kuwait but even after 1 ½ months she got no salary. Again Johnny called Blessing Centre call centre and asked for the salary to be released for the job God gave his daughter! The very next day she got her full salary!! This is the very unique story of God’s grace and mercy upon Johnny and his family.