Restoration of Hearing and Financial Deliverance

I am Renjini from Vadakkancherry. Four years back my husband returned from Mumbai HIV positive and I nursed him through his difficult times. Meanwhile my son lost his hearing in his left ear due to infection. Once my husband felt better he left us to suffer alone in utter poverty, saying he did not want a nurse as a wife. That was when I started watching Blessing Today. Blessing Today program rescued us literally from death. Even today we are living only because of Blessing Today’s daily program. Every day when bro. Damien would pray for the sick, I would lay my hands on my son’s head and pray and send him to school. One day he returned saying, ‘I can hear in my left ear now’. Hearing about our difficulties my boss and his family helped us out by contributing 10 lakhs towards constructing a house. We are no longer living in poverty. All Thanks to Jesus.