Real Motivation Real Progress

This is Santhamma Sasidharan. She has twins- Sarath doing his engineering and Nidhi doing her plus two. They were both kind of average to below average academically. Last year Santhamma after attending a Blessing Festival bought a copy of the book ‘The Winner’s Factory’ for her children. Both her children eagerly read book . They followed the study methods mentioned in the book. They read and re- read the book regularly for inspiration and discipline. Soon they started receiving much better results in their exams. At the back of the book, there is a page called ‘My Academic Progress’. Here both students have written down the results they received. Nidhi got 94 for English, 92 for Hindi, 94 for maths, 97 for physics, 98 for chemistry & 99 for biology. A total of 574 out of 600. Sarath too received excellent marks and he went onto become the college topper! Praise be to Jesus. Gift your children with Godly books like these and invest into their lives. You will reap a far greater reward than anything else.