No more an alcoholic 

This brother’s name is Raju. He is testifying along with his wife and two kids. They are ministers at Trivandrum Blessing Centre. Before coming to Blessing Centre, he was an alcoholic addict for almost 20 years. Right from his youth, he would drink along with his father who also was an addict. He was also into wrong friendships.  All this affected his family and peace. Due to their frequent fights in marriage, they lived separately for long periods and almost filed for divorce. Last year in October, they were invited to Trivandrum Blessing Centre by a neighbour. In that Sunday Service, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, Sis. Kshama said God is touching a family who is searching for peace. At that moment itself, the sister felt the peace of God come inside her. That week itself, she heard about Holy Spirit Synod 2016. She filled a registration form for the conference and started praying to be able to attend it. She bought a My Prayer Dairy and wrote all her prayer requests in it.


As a result of her prayers, her husband agreed to come for Holy Spirit Synod 2016 for 1 day. On the first day even though he did not feel anything special, they decided to stay for the entire conference. While they were attending the meeting, Br. Damien in his spirit called out that God is setting a person addicted to alcohol free that day. At that moment, this brother had a strange shivering and sweating of his body. He went back to his hometown as a changed man. He cancelled the petition for divorce and they started living together again as a family. Due to the compulsion of his friends he drank alcohol once, but he had a sudden shivering come upon his body which was similar to the experience he had on Day-2 of Holy Spirit Synod 2016. The Fear of God entered him, and he has never gone back to his addiction since. God has completely delivered him from his addiction and now he is a minister in our Trivandrum Blessing Centre!