Miraculous Victory in PG Exams

I am Kiran from Bilai, Chhattisgarh. While studying for 1st year M.Sc I was under treatment and unable to focus on studies. I usually start exam preparations after the dates are published. Unfortunately this year the dates were published just five days prior to exams. I was still unwell and couldn’t study but decided to attempt the exams. All the papers were tough and one paper in particular I could only attempt 20% marks questions. I was very depressed thinking I would fail this time. My mother is a regular viewer of Blessing Today and called the prayer tower for prayer. The prayer warrior assured me that Jesus himself will evaluate my papers. When the results got published I was the college topper and 2nd in rank in all of Chhattisgarh. Despite being a good student I am well aware that my current results were possible only because of Jesus.