Jesus touched and Operation cancelled

We spoke to Manju from Kolenchery and heard about God’s healing upon her life.

In June 2020, Manju had a back pain that caused her to resign from her job. She was under an Ayurveda treatment while attending Blessing Today’s 21-day ‘Healing Crusade’. Here she was completely healed of pain.

But in January 2021, the problem came back and she found it hard to move around. She approached a private hospital and was treated there. The doctors said that it may have been caused by her seating position while working and asked her to do some exercises and gave her some pain killers. A month later, the pain moved from the back to her stomach as well. 

While doing a CT Scan, they saw an infection. On taking two MRI’s, it was detected that this infection had spread all around her back and stomach. It was diagnosed as Spinal Tuberculosis. 

While there was no pain, she had to stay at the hospital and then at home as she needed a tube attached to her stomach to remove the infection. Half of her bones around the area had dissolved and she needed a belt for support to move around. 

In July 2021, her sister was getting married. To get ready for this, they conducted one more MRI to assess the situation. On taking a COVID Test before the MRI, she found out that she had tested positive for COVID. They postponed her sister’s wedding immediately. 

That week, while quarantining, she watched the Healing Crusade 2021. While Pastor prayed for people with a weak spine, Manju stood up and claimed the healing, repeating what Pastor said, “Son of David, have mercy on me!” On hearing the noise, her parents rushed into the room thinking she was hurt. Manju felt a wind and jumped, all while not wearing her belt. Right after this, she vomited and then felt a huge relief. 

All these troubles may have been because of a hold of the devil on her. And it was the work of the Holy Spirit that released her. 

Pastor then prayed for the family and prophesied over them. Soon, her father was free of alcoholism. The family tested negative for COVID. The doctors said she can move without her belt. Her CRP test came out as negative, meaning there was no more infection in her.

In Acts 3, we read of the lame man being healed. 

Verse 12 ”When Peter saw this, he said to them: “Fellow Israelites, why does this surprise you? Why do you stare at us as if by our own power or godliness we had made this man walk?””

Verse 16 ”By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus’ name and the faith that comes through him that has completely healed him, as you can all see.”

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