JESUS is the Healer

This sister standing here to testify, is Vilasini Narayanan, aged 60.
Hailing from Arakkuzha in Moovattupuzha, she has been the recipient of showers of blessings from our Lord Jesus.
About three years ago in 2015, this aunty was afflicted by a certain ailment in her knees. She could walk only a few paces before her knees would buckle forcing her to fall to the ground.
She would always need somebody by her side to set her legs straight and she would also have to remain in this position for about 15 minutes before her legs could regain strength. Only then would she be able to get up and move about.
At home, her children would handle all the household chores as Vilasini was incapable of free movement.
I enquired of this aunty of the treatments she would have taken. She replied that Ayurveda and other treatments had been unsuccessful. Her situation remained the same.
Last year, this aunty attended the Moovattupuzha Blessing Festival (2017). During the meeting, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, Br. Damien prophesied that someone with a severe knee problem is being healed by the Lord Jesus.
Although she did not experience anything out the way during the meeting, on reaching home she suddenly realised that all the while her legs had been strong – her knees hadn’t buckled and she hadn’t fallen down even once.
This aunty had been affected by this problem at the age of 57. Because of the age factor, treatment is rarely possible – the only option being surgery.
In the last one year, she has had no issues whatsoever regarding this ailment. Today she has come, climbing up the high, steep steps and she has no difficulty at all. She testifies that the Lord Jesus has healed her completely.

Her second testimony – twenty years back, when this aunty was 40 years old, she was suddenly troubled by severe headaches.
Stepping out of the house, a little sunlight was enough to give her splitting headaches. It became so severe that she would empty a whole jar of “Amrutanjan” pain balm onto the top of her head.
Sometimes she would cover her head with a bath towel and tie it up tightly under her chin, hoping to bring the pain under control.
When this too didn’t work, she would pour water over her head at intervals – but all these remedies did not offer a solution to her pain.
At the Moovattupuzha Blessing Festival (2017), she was touched by the Holy Spirit and completely healed of her headaches. Since then she’s had no headaches at all.

A third testimony – this aunty suffered a peculiar situation in the palms of her hands. The skin would shed quite frequently resulting in severe itching.
Sometimes the itching would become so unbearable that she would rub her palms against any hard surface, even a granite rock.
This has been going on for the last 2 years.
But about 2 weeks back, on Blessing Today telecast, Br. Damien spoke that some persons with severe itching and sores in the palms of their hands were going to be healed by Jesus. He also requested such persons to stretch out their hands towards their television screens and said he was going to pray for them.
In faith, this aunty stretched out her hands and placed the palms on the television screen and suddenly she experienced a heat in her palms.
She realised that the itching had stopped and she had been healed by our Lord Jesus.
Now there are just a few residual marks on her skin.
She has been completely healed.

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