Jesus gave her A+ in all subjects!

This is a miracle that took place two years ago when this child was studying in Standard X. Throughout her school years she has studied well, but her results were always not up to the mark. Even in Standard IX, her results were poor. She could not perform well because of exam stress. When she entered Class X, she purchased a My Prayer Diary and Winners Factory. She would also listen to all the messages of Ps. Damien and Sis. Kshama. This went on for a whole year. But when the dates of the Annual Exams approached, she was under great stress and even suffered severe migraine headaches due to this. In fact, it became so bad that she had to be taken to the hospital on the day of the Math exam. The examination commenced at 1.30 pm, but she could reach the venue only at 1.45 pm. Even so, the teachers ushered her to her seat and she attempted the exam enduring pain and discomfort.
This child had earlier entered a prayer request in the Prayer Points section asking Jesus to bless her with ‘A plus’ in all of her subjects and she would surely glorify His Name. This was an impossible thing because in all her years she had never got good results including Math. Finally, when the results were published, this child had scored ‘A plus’ in each and every subject.