Jesus changed my life

Right from his young age, this young man had many character issues. He never had a good relationship with his parents. He stayed away from people and could not love anyone. Not only that, often times he would have demonic afflictions causing him to lose control of his actions. He attended a Blessing Festival conducted in Alappuzha and soon he became a member of Blessing Centre in Alappuzha. In 2013, during the beginning of the new year he received a promise verse from Blessing Centre for the year. He took the verse home and prayed using it. That night, he had a vision; a person in white coming beside him and telling him that He is taking all the mess that was inside him. In the spirit, he saw a black figure moving out of his body to confirm these words. The next day morning he woke up as a new person. The very first thing he did was to go to his parents and ask forgiveness for his actions. He says he is a changed man now! He started experiencing godly freedom and love. People started recognising the change in him. He started attending all the prayer meetings conducted in Blessing Centre and he started growing spiritually. He was bound for many years, but that night Jesus set him free. Now he is a living testimony!