Healing from Mouth cancer

This is the amazing testimony of how God healed Annamma Mathai of mouth cancer. She hails from Vadavukod, Kerala. Last December 2nd, she went to have surgery to remove a tumour from the right side of her throat. The biopsy revealed the tumour to be cancerous and the doctor advised further radiation and surgery. She underwent another surgery on Dec 26th and by then she was too weak and hardly left her bed. Though unable to leave her bed she watched Blessing Today TV everyday. By following March, she was strong enough to leave her bed. Meanwhile someone invited her to Cochin Blessing Centre for prayer and assured her that the Lord would heal her completely. She had no clue how to reach the place but she asked around and managed to attend a Sunday service the same month. Then she became a regular at every Sunday service. A few months later, during worship, Bro. Damien called out saying, “Jesus is healing those of you with mouth cancer”.

She wondered if this healing was for her. She even felt a hand caressing her cheek. She believed that Jesus had touched her and healed her. After returning home she saw that the swelling on her cheeks were subsiding and she was able to drink water without much pain. Still she desired further assurance of her healing. So she is asked Jesus to confirm her healing and remove any trace of doubt from her mind. While continuing to watch Blessing Today TV, one day she heard sister Kshama say, ” There is a person going to two different hospitals for treatment. God is healing you completely”. She had been going to one hospital for radiation, and another one for other treatments. The very next day Annamma went for an MRI and went to her doctor with the report. Her doctor told her that she no longer needed radiation or any other form of medication. She was cancer free! Praise you Lord Jesus.