Healing from Peculiar Gastro Condition

I am Priya from Vidhura. For many years I had backache and stomach pains. I worked in a medical store and I would take some painkillers. One day the pain became unbearable and I went to Medical College Kottayam. The doctors told me a large tumor in my stomach had burst. They advised immediate surgery and warned me that they might have to remove my entire stomach. They also warned me that I would not be able to eat any solids for the rest of my life and prepared me to expect the worst. Ever since I knew of the tumor I was calling prayer tower every day. By God’s grace they were able to remove the tumor without removing my stomach. I was strictly advised to take one year complete rest and put on a lifelong liquid diet. I spent all my days crying, unable to care for my family, my two kids or work. I watched Blessing Today program every morning. One day, two months later, in 2015 March bro. Damien said God is healing those suffering from stomach diseases. I felt a tingling sensation and burst out crying and began running around. I believed the message was for me and decided to eat solid food despite doctor’s warnings. I had three solid meals that day without being sick. For the past 6-7 months I am eating, walking 1km to my place of work, and I have no back or stomach pain. Every day on my way to and fro from work I give thanks to my Jesus who raised me from my sick bed and made me whole.