Healing from After effects of Stroke

I am P M Koshy, from Bilai, a native of Adoor. While sponsoring the 725th episode I send in my prayer requests. My son was appearing for his doctorate exam in the US. Meanwhile we were planning our daughter’s marriage and praying for a suitable groom. My son passed with top marks and got settled with family in Texas. By Nov I was happily planning my daughter’s wedding to a doctor in three days’ time when I became gravely ill with clots in my brain and thickening of my neck veins. I was critical and the doctors told me I have to take 7 injections over a period of 8 days. I was determined to be at my daughter’s wedding and left the hospital on my own risk. Meanwhile I was in constant contact with the Prayer Tower in Cochin Blessing Centre. On my way back I had an amazing experience. I felt like ice was thrown on my face and I regained speech and sensation on my face. The day after the wedding I returned to the doctors and they told me I was perfectly alright!