Healed of Stomach tumour

Soumya started having stomach pain, a few years ago. She took a number of pain tablets and for a while the pain would subside. But soon medication had no effect and all the while she was throwing up and her legs became all swollen. For two years despite consulting various doctors she continued to suffer like this until finally she saw a doctor in Dharmagiri hospital. He scanned her stomach and found a fairly large tumour. The doctor advised her to operate at the earliest as there were chances of the tumour turning cancerous. Due to financial difficulties, she had to postpone any immediate surgery. In 2014, on the 23rd of August, while attending a Blessing Festival pastor Damien Antony called out healing on all kinds of stomach tumours. At that very moment she experienced a cool touch all over her body . The pain left her body and she has not thrown up since then. The swelling in her legs also disappeared. On her husband’s insistence she went to the Lakeshore hospital and upon scanning her stomach, no tumour was found. She has come with her husband and three children to testify to the miracle that God has done in her life.