Healed from Cancer

In 2009 Susan Roy had a uterine fibroid surgically removed. She went for check ups in 2010 &,2011. But the following year when she visited her doctor she was advised to remove her uterus at the earliest to prevent the cancer in her uterus from spreading to other parts of her body. After a D&C the biopsy confirmed her doctor’s diagnosis. Susan returned to Alleppy from Amirtha Hospital after fixing a date for the surgery. However due to financial constraints and an ailing mother at home, she was unable to have the surgery. One day in August she switched on the TV and came across Sister Kshama ministering in Surya TV thru the Blessing Today program. Encouraged, Susan continued watching Blessing Today episodes the following days. In September she went to Alleppy Blessing Centre and the following week attended a Blessing Festival conducted in Alleppy. Her husband never accompanied her for either. On December 6, Susan was watching Blessing Today while her husband was lying near by. During the TV program he felt unusually sad and prayed that God would spare his wife’s life. Towards the end of the episode brother Damien called out saying “Susan, God is healing you of cancer.” Susan immediately accepted this word and believed it would happen just as bro. Damien had said. Susan and husband prayed together and vowed they would testify of their healing. It was March before they could revisit her doctor. The doctor was upset about the delay and send her for retesting. But the doctor was amazed at the results though Susan was not. Susan told her doctor it’s Jesus who healed her. But sceptical of her miraculous healing, doctor did another D&C and send it for biopsy. When Susan returned 10 days later, her doctor informed her that there wasn’t even a trace of cancerous cells in her uterus and there was no need for any surgery. The doctor acknowledged that Susan’s God had healed her completely. Praise Jesus.