God blessed me with a Child

This lady got married in 2010, but even after 5 years she had no children. The first time she got pregnant, she lost the child through miscarriage. The next time she had a tubular pregnancy and had to have one of her tubes removed surgically. She then had a third miscarriage. In addition to this, she had irregular menstrual cycles. She started watching Blessing Today TV programs in 2014. She also started going to Attingal Blessing Centre and even bought My Prayer Diary. She wrote all her prayer requests in her Prayer diary and started praying for an answer. She first started having her periods regular. One day, while she was watching Blessing Today on TV, Br. Damien under the anointing said, that God is going to give a child to someone who has had many miscarriages in the past. After a couple of days, he again said through Television that God is going to give a child to a lady who  lost one of her tubes. She received the promise from the Man of God with faith. Soon, her husband who was abroad returned home and without any treatment she conceived within a month and delivered a healthy baby in 2016.

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