Deliverance from alcoholism

Mr. Vijayan and family are from Trivandrum and are now part of the Blessing Centre there. Vijayan from the age of 17, was addicted to alcohol. He is 46 years old now and for the past 25yrs he has been an alcoholic. His wife and children suffered daily from his disruptive behaviour and there was no peace in their life. Unscrupulous people would buy him a bottle of liquor and send him out to fight. He was willing even to commit murder for the price of a bottle of liquor. There came a time he desired to stop drinking but only managed to cutback the amount he drank. During that time he got a job in the gulf. Soon, Vijayan’s drinking spiralled to an all time high. Soon afterwards he returned to Trivandrum. Two years back his wife used to watch Blessing Today TV and attended a Blessing Festival in Trivandrum. The following Sunday she persuaded her entire family to attend Sunday worship in Blessing Centre TVM. During the service, Vijayan was convicted of his sins and determined to stop his drinking. For the past two years he has not touched a drop of alcohol. Mrs Vijayan’s prayer was for family peace. But the Lord healed her of a 19yr old persistent headache, delivered them from their financial debts, even healed their daughter’s tonsillitis! Praise be to the Lord who blesses you with all good things.