Blessed with Twins after 6 years of marriage

Even after 6 years of marriage this couple were unable to conceive. The husband had low count and the doctors recommended a procedure called IUI for the wife. She underwent this procedure 7 times and this resulted in further issues like uncontrolled growth of the ovary. They had by now spent over five lakhs for treatment. Doctors suggested IVF even though they were sceptical of any success. However the couple decided to go ahead with IVF.
One day in Sept 2014, sister Kshama was praying during a Blessing Today episode. She said there are couples who failed to conceive after multiple treatments. But go ahead with your treatment, God is going to give you more than one child. September 30th check up revealed that they were pregnant and the October scan revealed they were having twins! God blessed this couple with a baby boy and a baby girl and filled their void of six years with the laughter of their children. Praise Jesus.