Blessed with Triplets at the age of 53 and 44

This is the amazing testimony of a childless couple. Having married late in life, their hopes of having children were dashed when doctors detected a major problem with Dr. Alice’s reproductive system. The final diagnosis – she could not conceive, nor was there any treatment available.

The couple would regularly view the Blessing Today program. Without losing hope, both Dr. John and Dr. Alice continued to pray for a miracle. One day, god revealed to Dr. John that he would be a “father to children”. This prompted the couple to pray in hope for a ‘Sarah’ and a ‘Samuel’.

Dr. Alice went in for medical treatment and defying the final verdict of medical science, she conceived. During this season, the couple also sponsored a Blessing Today episode as a step-up in faith.

Their total trust in God’s mercy and grace was rewarded – Dr. Alice gave birth to triplets at the age of 44 to Sarah, Samuel and Stephen.


Watch the testimony here: