3 Miraculous Testimonies for 3 Sisters… God is Good

This familyhas come forward with three testimonies.
They are three sisters of which two are here – Anitha Murali and Ajitha Binu.
In October 2016, Anitha was ill with kidney problems. There would be traces of blood in her urine
and she could take in food only with great difficulty. Her BP was also very high causing great
discomfort and her creatinine level which should have been 8 decreased to 5 which further aggravated
her condition.
She is a regular viewer of Blessing Today. One day during telecast, Anitha heard Bro. Damien
speaking about a woman ill due to low creatinine level, was going to be healed. She believed and
soon enough her creatinine level rose to normal and her urine was clear without any trace of blood.
Earlier Anitha also had swelling all over her body and her BP would shoot up suddenly. On another
occasion while watching Blessing Today, Sis. Kshama prophesied that a certain sister Anitha with
swelling all over her body and high BP was being healed. Anitha received the healin , her creatinine
level rose to normal and all the swelling left her body.
It’s been one and a half years since her healing – kidneys are functioning normally and she has no
health problems whatsoever.
She has joined the Palakkad Blessing Centre and is now ministering for the Lord.
After receiving her breakthrough, she has shown her gratitude to the Lord by attending the Blessing
Centre and serving here.
The badge she is wearing shows her ministry.
The second testimony is of the sister Ajitha Binu. Four months into marriage, she conceived and was
with child. But suddenly her BP shot up and there was bleeding.
She was admitted to the hospital and the doctors diagnosed that her condition was very precarious.
She was put on medication, but they offered no hope and after a period of 15 days the foetus would
have to be terminated.
On learning of the situation, Anitha visited her sister. She had a Prayer Diary with her.
The wornout state of the Prayer Diary indicates that this book has been well-used.
Anitha started to write in it – Father in heaven, Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it
is in heaven. I pray for my sister Ajitha that no sickness or curse will have any effect on the child in
her womb. In the Name of Jesus no trouble will befall the child. Stretch out Your hand and touch the
child in my sister’s womb. This is her first conception, let this child be born to her.
Then they continued to pray the prayer for being blessed with children. (No. 23)
After 15 days when Ajitha visited the hospital, the doctors’ examination confirmed that the child was
growing normally. There would be no need for surgery.
The infant was born prematurely at the beginning of the eighth month of pregnancy. Due to this the
child weighed only one and a half kilograms. Immediately Sis. Anitha called up the Prayer Call
Centre at Cochin Blessing Centre for prayer.
Now the child is 4 months old and weighs six and a half kilograms.
A child whose life would have been cut short by medical science was blessed by God, giving him a
new life. Now he has been brought here to this Blessing Centre.

A third testimony – the youngest sister developed appendicitis. She suffered great discomfort, severe
stomach pain, nausea and could not take any food.
In this situation too, Anitha wrote in the Prayer Diary and prayed for her sister. She was soon healed.
Not only did she not need any surgery, she did not even have to take any medication for her problem.
3 testimonies from this family.
Father God, we thank You for the 3 testimonies of these sisters.
We pray for those who are standing with arms raised up and those who are watching us through
media, that miracles greater than these may take place in their lives. May the Lord’s hands work for
those who stand in faith. Thank You Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

This is Bro. Sinu and his wife Aju. The couple have been brought up in Bhopal (M.P.) and now
reside in Bangalore because of work.
They are present here with two testimonies.
First one – they had been married four years and still were without a child. They consulted with many
doctors but were always told that there was nothing wrong with either of them and that they should
wait patiently.
This couple have been attending Blessing Festivals and had also purchased a Prayer Diary.
On December 2016, at a Blessing Festival in this very hall, the couple were present and afterwards
met up with Bro. Damien to have him pray over their predicament.
They mentioned two urgent needs. They wanted a baby very badly. Bro. Damien prayed and said,
“Have faith in God. Jesus will send answers to your prayers.”
The couple returned home and continued to pray. The very next month – January 2017 – Aju
conceived and now cradles a one-year old baby boy in her arms.
Meaning, after 4 long years Jesus helped her to conceived the very next month after prayer.
They have named the child Aaron.
This is the first of the two testimonies.
Second – Sinu was finding it very difficult at his workplace. The management of the Company had
changed hands and the current management was putting great pressure on the employees to perform.
Undergoing a lot of stress, the couple decided that Sinu should resign and search for an alternate job.
After praying with Bro. Damien at the Blessing Festival, the couple had faith and continued to pray.
But even after a while, nothing happened and Sinu finally wrote out his resignation to the Company
deciding to present it on the January 1, 2017.
Meanwhile the couple had written this issue also in the Prayer Diary and continued to pray on their
Sinu had also put in an application with a U.S. based concern.
Even before he could submit the resignation letter, Sinu received a call from the U.S. accepting him in
their Company.

While Sinu had worked as a Team Leader in Bangalore, now he was being offered a managerial
position in an investment banking corporation.
Our God raise him up from his current position.
God has done two great miracles for this couple.
You are at a Blessing Festival. Do you want a miracle?
Only believe and God can work a miracle in your lives in a matter of days.
Lift up your hands in prayer.
We thank You Lord, for the miracles done in this family. As they stand here with thankful hearts for
their gift, we serve a prayer-answering God.
When we have faith in You, You will respond to that.
You are a rewarder of those who seek You diligently. Once more we bless this family.
We surrender these testimonies for the glory of God and to build up the faith of these people that they
may receive greater miracles and speak great testimonies in the name of Jesus.

Watch the testimony here: