Holy Spirit Synod 2016

Holy Spirit Synod

Holy Sprit Synod was an event marked in the calendar of God, to bring the supernatural to His people. For days of signs, miracles and wonders. Four days in the footstool of Jesus listening to His Words. Four days for celebration of the person of the Holy Spirit.

People came to attend the meeting from all directions. Prejudice and doubts didn’t stop them. Despite of restrictions and speculations, people gathered in thousands. And Jesus did honor their commitment.

The much awaited book of Br. Damien ‘Breaking Barriers’ was released in Malayalam and in English. Evg. Dr. P. S Rambabu released the Malayalam version and Dr. Paul Dhinakaran the English version. ‘Mahathvam Kunjadoinu’ – Worship Album of ‘The History Makers’ too was released during the Synod. Amazing worship songs of The History Makers touched the hearts of many!

A string of amazing testimonies were heard during various sessions of Holy Spirit Synod. Most of the testimonies belonged to Blessing Today TV program viewers and Blessing Centre Members. The History Makers made the synod colorful with their special programs and worship sessions. Their energy and passion for God unmistakable, their commitment to Jesus, absolute.

Holy Spirit Synod 2016 came to an end with a promise from Br. Damien. That if God so wills, we will have Holy Spirit Synod every year from now on. People disbursed with a clear vision to work for the Kingdom of God, and do everything to see more souls added to the saved list in heaven.



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