The Father’s Embrace

27 March, 2021

Today I will discuss the Father’s embrace. Generally an embrace or a healthy hug can bring about a lot of positive physiological impact on a person. Hugging  has many benefits like it reduces blood pressure, relaxes muscles and tension in the body.It can lighten up a stressed out mind. Hugging can also have healing power especially when one experiences a  feeling of loneliness, anger or isolation. It can build trust and a sense of safety. It can strengthen the immune system. Hugging can teach about the process of giving and taking. The exchange between two people involved in an embrace or hugging can be an investment into that relationship.

It can boost up self esteem and also be an expression of love and affection. 

 We all have received a lot of embrace and hugging from our dear and close ones , especially our parents during the course of life so far. All these are embedded in our nervous system. Of these the Father’s hug is regarded very often as  special and most important one.

Genesis 29:13

‘As soon as Laban heard the news about Jacob, his sister’s son,he hurried to meet him. He embraced him and kissed him and brought him to his home and there Jacob told him all these things.’

An uncle is embracing a nephew in order to welcome the young man inside the house. 

Genesis 33:4

‘But Esau ran to meet Jacob and embraced him;he threw his arms around his neck and kissed him.And they wept.’

This is another encounter between  two twin brothers Jacob and Esau who were for very long in enmity. They embrace each other and this embrace  shows two main things. It represents  reconciliation and also restoration

In Genesis 45:14

‘Then he threw his arms around his brother Benjamin and wept,and Benjamin embraced him,weeping. ‘

Here also shows two brothers.They are embracing and it shows a reunion after many years. The emotional reconnection and reunion is shared .

Genesis 48:10

‘Now Israel’s eyes were failing because of old age and he could hardly see. So Joseph brought his sons close to him, and his father kissed them and embraced them.

Here the embrace between grandfather  and his grandchildren is seen. It shows an embrace to pass on the blessings to generations. 

These are some of  the different scenarios in the scriptures that show embrace and its meaning.

In Luke 15:19-21

‘I am  no longer worthy to be called your son;make me like one of your hired servants. So he got up and went to his father. But while he was still a long way off his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him;he ran to his son, threw his arms round him and kissed him. ‘

Here we can see the Father coming to embrace the prodigal son that returned home.The son had left home and run away from the father.He came back lost and as a pauper. The Father rich in mercy is embracing the son. This is the picture of our heavenly Father embracing everyone of us when we return to him in repentance. 

Jesus was sharing all the parables and this too not just as a story but he was relating everything to the kingdom of God in heaven. 

Luke 15:22-23

‘But the father said to his servants,”Quick!Bring the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his  feet. Bring the fattened calf and kill it. Let’s have a feast and celebrate.

An embrace can be for welcoming someone ,or reconciliation between two people or also embracing can be for restoration between two individuals. 

What is happening  here?  

One embrace restored everything. 

One embrace Father welcomed the son.

One embrace there was reconciliation. 

One embrace there was restoration. 

One embrace started a celebration. 

One embrace started a series of blessings. The same thing happens when a sinner approaches the Father in repentance. Then our Father in heaven runs to the sinner and welcomes back ,starts a celebration. If you are living a life away from the heavenly Father this is the right time to come back  .

The one embrace of Father is enough for all.

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About the Author

Ps. Damien Antony 

BRev. Damien Antonyorn and brought up in a Christian family, Ps. Damien Antony possessed an unquenching quest for truth right from his boyhood days and eventually his relentless search led him to the Bible. He is a Revival Preacher, Bible Teacher, Leadership Trainer, Author and a Life Coach. He moves under the anointing for Prophetic, Healing, Deliverance, Inner Healing and Financial Breakthrough. God has also blessed him with an Apostolic Mandate to take the Universal Body of Christ to the next level of revelation and anointing.