Set in Motion

09 June, 2019

Momentum ( to set in motion) The dictionary defines momentum as “the impetus ( or the force) gained by a moving object”.

As a church, we are not called to remain stationary, rather we are called to move forward, to be set in motion. When we were called, God also started a movement inside of us, He started a unstoppable process of redemptive faith inside of us through a renewal of our minds. When Jesus rose from the grave, He started a movement. In the book of Acts, we read about the start of this movement by the people of The Way and we are called to continue and capitalise on this movement. Christianity was and never is a religion, it is a movement, of picking up the Cross and following Jesus. Philippians  2:12 says ” to work out your salvation”.  Salvation is not just an event but a process. If God has put His Holy Spirit inside of us, that means there is some mass, – like in physics, we learn that if we set a thing in motion, the object gathers force and its mass and velocity gets multiplied and gathers enough momentum to exert force on other things along its path. In a similar manner,  if there is an anointing inside of us, that means we have some mass inside of us to influence and bring changes around us and into the world. If we are set in motion, we will in turn set things in motion. It is a domino effect. Things that were hitherto stagnant, rotting, withering will get set in motion when we speak or move. God is setting things in motion in our lives.
1. When we speak faith, things will be set in motion. In our lives, we may have mountains that need to be moved. Use your faith and declare it to be cast into the sea.
2. When we glance, things will be set in motion. (Scriptural ref Acts 3: 1-10). Peter and John delivers the crippled man at the gate with just a glance. They set the healing in motion by just a glance.
3.  When we pray, things will be set in motion (Scriptural ref : Exodus 17:  8:16).Moses held his hands up and prayed and interceded without ceasing until the Israelites won against the Amalekites. When we pray, the Lord God himself wages our war against our enemies. Persevere in worship and prayer and see the victory of the Lord ( Isaiah 40: 29:31).

Today, I encourage you to start moving. Do not remain stagnant. Take a leap of faith. When you move, God moves ahead of you. Let the Spirit of God propel you so that you live a life of victory in Christ.

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About the Author

Nehemiah Damien

The first born of Br. Damien and Sis. Kshama, Nehemiah is a young dynamic preacher. Having started preaching from a very young age, Nehemiah now ministers from the Word and leads worship in meetings and conferences. He likes to minister especially to the youth and the teens thereby inspiring the young generation to follow Christ.