Moses & Jesus Part:2

16 September, 2021

Moses was a great leader in the Old Testament,we can’t even think of the capacity that he had.

1 Corinthians 10:1-6

Warnings From Israel’s History

10 For I do not want you to be ignorant of the fact, brothers and sisters, that our ancestors were all under the cloud and that they all passed through the sea.2 They were all baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea. 3 They all ate the same spiritual food 4 and drank the same spiritual drink; for they drank from the spiritual rock that accompanied them, and that rock was Christ. 5 Nevertheless, God was not pleased with most of them; their bodies were scattered in the wilderness.

6 Now these things occurred as examples to keep us from setting our hearts on evil things as they did.

This is a warning and an example for us.

1) Egypt is a shadow of sin:

In the New Testaments Egypt is the shadow of sin. Coming out of Egypt is coming out of sin.

2)Pharoah is the shadow of Satan:

He was very powerful in Egypt and didn’t want Israel to leave Egypt. He was the task master of all the people living there, he oppressed them and made them do all the hard work without paying them. He scared, abused and made them do difficult work. They were slaves to sin.

Today it is Satan that makes people sin and torments them.

Fire reminds me of hell, and that feeling is the kind of feeling that all non-believers have.

Moses is a shadow of Jesus because he stayed with the people of Israel and Jesus was the one who helped people come out of sin.

The Red Sea is a shadow of water baptism. The people took baptism in the sea and water.

3) The Cloud is the shadow of  Holy Spirit baptism.

In the New Testament there are 2 baptisms that are mentioned .

Water baptism and Holy Spirit baptism.

4) Wilderness is the shadow of difficulties we face in life.

Once we are baptized we are let free from all the sins that we were captivated by.

Even in our life we might also find ourselves in the wilderness.The life on earth that we are living will be like living in the desert after baptism. There will be a lot of trials and tribulations.

There are people who say that their life of sin was better than a baptized life.

Troubles are always there in the world. Minor troubles will always be there.

5) The Rock from which they drank was the shadow of Christ.

Jesus’ life was being recreated there.

That was a symbol about the crucifixion.

God was giving signs to people about the coming of Jesus.

6) Manna is the shadow of Spiritual food.

Connect everything written in the OT with your life.

Whenever you read the Bible and relate it with your personal life, it will speak to you!

The full form of Bible is:






There are some more things that have to be said. After 400 years of slavery God led them free in just one night.

God just needs a second to release you from all your burdens.

There is no deliverance without the shedding of Blood.

Whenever we become low in some aspect of life, that is when we grow in the other part. For instance, when a child comes out of its mothers womb that’s when he or she comes into this world.

God made the people come out of slavery just through one man.

That one man was Moses. God made the people come out sin through one man. That man was Jesus.

Nothing is difficult for God, anything and everything just takes a second!

God can do anything in a split second, call on to God and see what he can do!

We are not slaves to sin but we are the children of the Most High God!

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