The Greatest Man Ever Lived

04 May, 2021

Many years ago a man visited a village because he heard about a great man who had lived there. He had learnt about him and read his writings. Meeting a villager on the way, he enquired about this man and the place he was born. The villager was astonished and replied, “ in my knowledge no great men are born, only babies are born in our village”. 

What do you understand from this?

All are born as babies, not as great men or women. But some babies grow up to become great people. 

We have heard of a number of great people – The father of our nation Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi who is also known as ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi. A few others who lived on this planet like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa were also great people. We have learnt about their lives through their biographies and many try to follow them ex. Gandhians. 

Now, who is the greatest man who ever lived on this planet?

The first man Adam was not known as a great man. But he was a special man because he was made by God with His very own hands. Another man Methuselah  lived for 969 years but not many know about him. 

In History there are many great people of which some are very well known, some were good people, a few were known as achievers in different areas of life, but the greatest of all these great men is our Lord Jesus Christ. History, Geography, Philosophy and every other teaching agrees that there is no one who has lived in this world like him. He did not live upto 60 or 70 years, only 33 and a half years to be more precise.

What makes Jesus the greatest of all?

He had no servants but everyone called him ‘Master’. He wore no crown but he was known as ‘The King’. He had no army but the kings feared him. He had no degree but they called him ‘The Teacher’. He never attended medical school but they called him ‘The Healer’. He won no military battles yet he conquered the world. He committed no crime but they crucified him. Even though they buried him, he rose up from the dead and he lives even today. He is our savior, the lover of our souls and the King of kings. 

Many people do not know this and many others don’t want to know him. People argue that they don’t want to know about a person who lived and died 2000 years ago.

But remember that he is the Way, the Truth and the Life and only through him is there salvation, existence and eternity. 

2 Corinthians 4:4

The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

Who is the ‘god of this age’ ?

Here ‘g’ is in the lower case which shows that it is a god made of human hands.’ G’ in the upper case shows the one and only true God. 

The ‘god of this age’ means he is only for this age and he pretends to be god and that is the devil. 

Some people are blind physically, but the devil blinds the minds of the people. If you can’t see with your mind’s eye that means you’re blind in your mind’s eye.

Why does the devil blind the minds of the people? 

so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ’. Which means Christ is not just a person or a human being, but he had glory in him. He is glorious!

Who is the image of God?

Christ is the image of God. This makes him God himself. 

Satan blinded the mind’s of the unbelievers so that they would not see the glory of Christ. To accomplish this, he fills the minds of the unbelievers with false ideas and wrong concepts about Christ. Ex. Jesus is the founder of Christianity.

Jesus is not the author of any religion. But in his name people founded the group called Christianity. Jesus was always against religion. This is clearly shown in Matthew 23 how he blew like a storm against all religions. 

When students and people are taught the origin of christianity, they are taught that Jesus founded the group and so on. Because of this people perceive Jesus as a founder and not God. This has blocked them from seeing the glory of God.

Another misconception was that Jesus was a prophet like any other.  

Many writers and readers respect Jesus because he was a ‘good man’ but not as God.

A few believe he is a very good ‘social reformer’. Because his teachings are good and have helped better the lives of many.   

Many others have published wrong stories about Jesus saying since his life was not mentioned in the Bible until he became 30 years old, during those 30 years he had come to India and became a monk. 

Millions of people are blined because of these wrong teachings and they cannot see the glory of God. If you have understood the truth of God, it should not be concealed or hidden but it should be announced.

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About the Author

Ps. Damien Antony 

BRev. Damien Antonyorn and brought up in a Christian family, Ps. Damien Antony possessed an unquenching quest for truth right from his boyhood days and eventually his relentless search led him to the Bible. He is a Revival Preacher, Bible Teacher, Leadership Trainer, Author and a Life Coach. He moves under the anointing for Prophetic, Healing, Deliverance, Inner Healing and Financial Breakthrough. God has also blessed him with an Apostolic Mandate to take the Universal Body of Christ to the next level of revelation and anointing.