I am a Winner

03 March, 2019

We all go through very tough situations in life or we fail in certain areas. But the Bibles says that we are winners in the eyes of the Lord.

Winning is an attitude

2 Corinthians 4: 8-11 – Paul went through hard times in his life and ministry, but he says we are never defeated.Winning is not based on anything that happens to you, rather its your heart’s attitude. Dr. Yonggi Cho once said, “You are not a failure because you failed, you’re only a failure if you don’t try again. Fill your mind with success and you will be successful.” If you have a victim mentality kept in your heart, strip it away and possess a victor mentality. Nehemiah 2:20 says – The God of heaven will give you success!

Three fundamental convictions every child of God should possess –

  • Know who you are! – You must be convinced to say that you are the child of the Almighty God (John 1:12)
  • Know whose you are! – You are a property of the omniscient omnipotent God (1 John 4:4)
  • Know what you have!– You have everything in Christ, because you are a co-heir with Him. (Philippians 4:19)

Failures lead to greater success

I remember, I failed in Geography in 8th std for the first time in life, because I was angry at the teacher as he was always absent and didn’t teach properly. I wanted to fail and I failed. For pre-degree, I failed in all subjects in the 1st year because I wanted to get in ministry, I didn’t want to study. But the Lord corrected me quickly and told me that I have to study. Then in the second year I wrote all the papers and passed out. Sometimes such things happen, you may fail in some papers, but that doesn’t mean you are a failure in life. You are a winner in Christ.

Parents must never curse your children or evaluate your children based upon their grades. Of course you must discipline your children, but never punish them hard because they failed in some exam. Your children have a future in Christ, they are children of promise – they carry promises in their lives!

There are many Biblical leaders who failed in many areas of their life, but they never dwelled on the failures. They learnt from their mistakes and kept moving forward.

Noah walked faithfully with God (Genesis 6:9) and made the huge ark. He got drunk and got involved in very grievous mistakes and sins in his life, but still God did not forsake Him. Sometimes we all fall, but we fall into the hands of the Lord who will lift you back again.

Abraham was a great hero of faith, but he lied to Abimelech, resorted to his own agendas and drifted away from God’s ways.

Jacob was a liar, he inherited that nature from his mother. One day he had an encounter with the Lord. He corrected his mistakes and he became Israel. From that day, everything changed about him. If there is any crookedness in your life –  correct before the Lord and you will have a straight path. The sun of righteousness will rise above you when you repent of your mistakes.

Moses was a very short- tempered person in the beginning; he killed an Egyptian just like that. But later he repented of his mistakes and the Bible calls him the meekest and the humblest man on Earth. What a transformation! The same God can transform our characters also. Moses was a stammerer, still God gave him great victories, he became the greatest communicator of the old testament days. He wrote the first five books in the Bible.

Miriam was a gossip. But God forgave her mistakes, disciplined her and she became a known prophetess and a great worship leader in her days.

Jael was just a mere woman. She killed Sisera; something the men of her day couldn’t do.

Gideon’s problem was timidity. Jephthah was the son of a prostitute.

Naomi was a widow, but God used her to knit together the genealogy of Jesus

David’s armour didn’t fit him. He was too young.

Elijah was a burn out; Jeremiah was depressed. Jonah ran away from God and the call on his life. Peter was afraid to die, but later he asked them to crucify him upside down. Mathew was a tax collector, he was known as a big sinner, but he became one of the twelve disciples of Jesus.

Failures can come into your life, weaknesses can be there, but still you are a winner. Failure is not the opposite of success, but a part of your success program;  failure is not a loss, but gain- you learn, you change, you grow. It’s better to make a thousand failures than to be too cowardly to ever undertake anything.

Jeremiah 8:4 – “Say to them, this is what the Lord says, when people fall down do they not get up? When someone turns away, do they not return?” If you have fallen in any area of your life, today you can get up from where you have fallen down.

Learn to encourage yourself

In some situations of life, you may find no one to encourage you. This is where you need to learn how to encourage yourself. 1 Samuel 30:6 – Everyone with David turned against him, they wanted to throw stones, he was at the verge of going into depression. That’s the time when he learnt the secret of winning – David strengthened himself in the Lord his God! How great would it be, if we can strengthen ourselves in the Lord, when we face the most depressing challenges. That’s exactly what we have been asked to do!

The problems that you are facing today are going to bring you extra blessings.

Paul, the super apostle had many weaknesses in life. God said, “My grace is sufficient for you, My power will get filled into all the cavities of life.” That means, greater the  problems you face, greater the grace given to you to face them.

David was a teenager who had to face Goliath, a giant. The anointing of the Holy Spirit came upon David. When you face your Goliath problems, you will receive the anointing of God. David’s anointing level increased, he became the first giant killer and received the king’s daughter as his wife – extra blessings!

Job had severe problems, but at the end of the story, he received double for all his trouble! Your joy is going to double, the anointing, the wisdom, your experience level, your ministry are all going to double.

Elisha faced discouragement and criticism from other sons of prophet, but he had the double portion of anointing from Elijah. When you are criticised, remember promotion is on the way. When you face problems that no one else has faced, your blessings will also be greater.

Never, never, never compare your problems with yourself just like the 10 spies in Numbers 13 did; but compare your problem with your God. Your God is not a match for the problems in front of you!

2 Chronicles 15:7 – But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded. Your labor in the Lord will be rewarded, your pay-day is coming!

Always remember: Faith makes everything possible; hope makes everything work; love makes everything easy!

Join Christ’s triumphal procession

2 Corinthians 2:14 – We are in the triumphal procession of Christ, where Christ is in the front after a war, and we all are marching behind Him. You may think you’re weak, rejected, alone but the Bible says clearly that you are on the winning side! You are already a winner, even before you fought the battle or appeared for an exam; God has already declared it! He always sees the end before the beginning. He completes before you commence. Success is always assured in your life. You are a destined, chosen baby of the most high God!

Life is a race – not a sprint, but a marathon. And Jesus is waiting at the finishing line, and usually those who wait at the finishing line will shout – Up! Up! Up! Up! When you take each and every step, this is exactly what Jesus is doing. He is the pioneer and perfecter of faith, He is the captain of salvation, waiting at the finishing line for His children. Never wait for the winning moment. You are already a winner in Christ! You are a victor!!!

Today I pray that the spirit of triumph would enter into your spirit. Let all the failures of the past life fade away and let the assurance of the ultimate victory on the cross fill your heart. Amen!

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About the Author

Ps. Damien Antony 

BRev. Damien Antonyorn and brought up in a Christian family, Ps. Damien Antony possessed an unquenching quest for truth right from his boyhood days and eventually his relentless search led him to the Bible. He is a Revival Preacher, Bible Teacher, Leadership Trainer, Author and a Life Coach. He moves under the anointing for Prophetic, Healing, Deliverance, Inner Healing and Financial Breakthrough. God has also blessed him with an Apostolic Mandate to take the Universal Body of Christ to the next level of revelation and anointing.