Heart of Worship

26 May, 2019

Worship should be a priority in our life. It needs to be a discipline. God desires every believer to worship Him. He is zealous about our worship. Service is not a substitute for worship, rather it should flow out of worship.

  1. Worship is (the response to) an initiative from God. God is holy, God is good, God is righteous and so we worship Him.
  2. Worship is enabled by God Psalm 81: 9, 10. We only need to open up our mouths and God will fill the right words, the right vocabulary, the right tune and the right melody.
  3. Worship is received by God.

John 4:23 – The Father seeks worshippers who worship in spirit and in truth.

Worship in spirit – The Spirit of God and the human spirit connects. God is Spirit and He expects His children to connect with Him in spirit. Even if you don’t make a lot of noise your spirit is connected to God; your worship is valid. There’s no specific method for worship.

Worship in truth – Worshipping in the light of the Word of God and worshipping with knowledge about the God whom you worship. This also involves discovering the depths of God’s wisdom in worship.

Methods of Worship

  1. Worship should involve your body, your mind and your soul. The word ‘worship’ in Hebrew language means ‘to fall prostrate’. The word ‘bless’ in Hebrew language means ‘kneel down’. The word ‘thanksgiving’ in Hebrew language means ‘an outstretched arm’.  We do find other physical postures in the Bible – standing, looking up to the heavens, bowing down, clapping of hands.

There’s worship by wearing sackcloth. Job did that lifting up his hands to God even in his difficult situation.

  1. John 12 – After Lazarus was raised from the dead, Jesus visited the house of Mary, Martha and Lazarus again. Jesus comes to give life, but after He gives life Jesus visits again to have a closer relationship with you. There were a group of people in the house. Martha served, Lazarus ate and Mary worshipped at the feet of Jesus.
  • Worship flows out of your love and your intimacy with God. Compared to Martha and Lazarus, Mary was intimate with Jesus. She wanted Jesus to herself. Her love for Jesus had no limitations.
  • Worship is giving your best and your dearest. Mary had an expensive perfume – either she might have worked for a year to buy that perfume or it might have been an expensive family possession. When you worship, you bring what is dearest to your heart to lay at the feet of Jesus.
  • Worship is pouring out everything. Mary broke the alabaster jar, poured the entire perfumed oil and anointed the feet of Jesus. Everything inside of you is just emptied at the feet of Jesus.
  • Worship is humbling yourself and being undignified. Mary let her hair loose and wiped the feet of Jesus with it. In the Jewish custom a woman who did not braid/ tie up her hair was considered as lacking in piety. This did not bother Mary; she was ready to be undignified for Jesus.
  • Worship is centred at Jesus. All the people gathered in the dining room looked at Mary disapprovingly as she washed the feet of Judas Iscariot raised his voice in criticism – waste of money. But Mary’s focus was on Jesus.
  • Worship releases a beautiful fragrance. She poured out the oil and the fragrance filled the room. When we worship together, there’s a sweet aroma released that rises to the altar of heaven.
  1. Practice worship daily. Make it a habit. Live the worship lifestyle.
  2. Have different experiences of worship. Worship on your own, as a family, in a gathering, in the mid-week service and even on a Sunday. Whenever you can, be in His presence and worship Him. That’ll bring you back to the heart of worship.
  3. Prepare yourself (your heart) for Sunday worship. Sunday is a time when we come together after a great week. The grace of God has carried you throughout the week and you tried your best to live right, you’ve worshipped daily and read the Bible and prayed continually – when each individual adopts such an attitude there’ll be a worship culture within the Church.

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About the Author

Nehemiah Damien

The first born of Br. Damien and Sis. Kshama, Nehemiah is a young dynamic preacher. Having started preaching from a very young age, Nehemiah now ministers from the Word and leads worship in meetings and conferences. He likes to minister especially to the youth and the teens thereby inspiring the young generation to follow Christ.